Sunday, December 1, 2019

Phydeaux Kaknine: First Command.

Phydeaux is assuming his first command.
Completed inter-species officer training at the top of the class. The ape Chi Chi Gabbon was right on his heels the entire course, hopes he never has to see the haughty Simian again.
The Royal Naval yard is huge.
Some of the ships there could hold up to 100 groups of Marines.
Not Phydeaux’s, his ship is brand new, a light Terrier designed for maneuverability and bristling with weapons.
As his shuttle arrives and docks with the ship he battles to keep his tail still. 
Straightens his back and strides directly to the bridge.
The watch command barks "Captain on Deck" massive Marines snap to attention.
Phydeaux pauses in front of each Dog, memorizes their name and scent.
He's impressed.
Most other Marines are about 19 cm taller than their captain, but this crew is elite. 
Dane and Greyhound stock.
Fast movers.
Shock troops.
Like him.
As he takes the measure of the last of the present bridge Crew Phydeaux speaks for the first time since coming on board. 
Motions for a crewdog to open the shipwide coms.
"This is Captain Phydeaux Kaknine. I won't try to impress you today. Won't rattle off battles."
Licks his chops before he continues.
"Everything that I have done before today doesn't count. It's unimportant because today I become your captain I'm responsible for you. I cannot guarantee that once we leave the slip you will all return to Padonia. I can guarantee we will kill cockroaches by the billion."
 Dogs across the the ship begin to bark softly in unison.
"We will become the scourge of the puppy eaters, we will strike fast, and hard."
36 hours later the RMS Throatbone heads towards the Sol system.
3 Weeks have passed.
Phydeaux's ship speeds towards Orion's #belt
The travel time hasn't gone to waste, Phydeaux has gotten to know his officers, he has picked their brains and spent hours studying how the insects fight in the vacuum.
He's spent a lot of time in the gym. 
Phydeaux has fought the enormous insects Paw to Claw, Teeth to Mandible. 
Has instructors teaching his Marines how to rip through the armored bodies. 
They're fine dogs and the young captain has no doubt that they will make a great showing. 
Ship comes out of FTL.
The Alligator's space station is enormous. 
It's obvious that it has been attacked often. 
The station has been battered.
Looks burned. 
Nearly crippled.
Somehow the Alligator space port is still in orbit of their hot planet. 
Swamps, islets, and high-tech buildings made to resemble #wood coat the entire surface. 
Phydeaux orders his ship to dock. 
Right beside 25 Simian vessels. 
Before the Navigator and pilot can put the Throatbone into it's assigned #slip, systems alert that the station is under attack. Phydeaux's commands soon have he and his marines literally between the approaching roaches and the Alligators home planet. 
Ape ships join in. 
The black sea of space is filled with the Roaches ships. 
The Alligator vessels are tough and can take a lot of punishment but they are slow. 
The Simians and Dogs do their #part to slow the seemingly endless flow of insect ships. Metal teeth and plasma fire continuously.
Insect ships just keep coming
Phydeaux is determined not to lose, not this battle, not today. 
The "Biters", massive rail type guns that fire 2800 rounds of metal teeth per minute, are working to disable more of the attacking horde. 
Simian weapons are the most effective against them, Microwave bursts leave each ship hit by them a repository of fried insects.
The battle lasts for 4 days.
Canine, Simian, and Reptiles are all tired but they have driven the roaches back into their space.
Phydeaux has shown that he deserves his command position.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The City Will Eat You Up

Grant Washington, his is a powerful sounding, but cliche name.
He hasn't done much with his life, but he's young and there is plenty of time to get it right.
Grant is 26, he works a lot.
He has Champagne tastes, strives to emulate the wealthy in his appearance, speech, mannerisms, and as much as possible possessions.
To that end, Grant shops at consignment stores, Online and physical, and he buys from shoplifters regularly.
Doesn't see it as wrong.
It's not as if he's doing the stealing.
The stores that are stolen from have insurance.
The stuff is already stolen he's just buying it.
Grant works full time.
He is a Customer Service Rep.
He also is a bar back at club Illusions 3 nights a week.
Working at club illusions is a blessing and a curse, a blessing because it is another few hundred dollars each week, a curse because it puts the type of people Grant aspires to be, in his face a lot.
It reminds him of the things that he doesn't have the things that he wants.
He has to see all the nice cars.
The expensive watches.
Nice clothes.
Let's be frank, the women that drape on those types of men's arms are for sale as well.
Grant wants all of that.
His current vehicle is a hybrid.
Not the electric kind.
It has the 2016 BMW 740Li frame, it's motor and transmission were pieced together at the junkyard, the car looks immaculate but has a salvage title and is worth $2200 according to his insurance company.
Each weekend Grant is reminded of the things that he doesn't have.
He spends almost his entire barback pay with the shoplifters or boosters as they are known.
Snookie has been his contact for over a year.
She can steal anything.
80% of Grant's wardrobe has been under Snookie's clothes at some point.
Things first changed when Grant decided to move into the heart of the city.
Decided that he needed to be in a highrise.
Of course, $16 hourly doesn't quite justify a Highrise apartment in Buckhead.
On any floor.
Snookie knows somebody that knows somebody.
She's sure she can help him get what he wants.
 All it requires is that he use credit cards to purchase clothes and return them for cash.
Sounds like a plan, especially if he gets to wear them first.
Things started off according to plan.
Grant is able to floss the nice things that he is buying, women are impressed by his location and the contents of his apartment.
Then things get a little bit more complicated.
Now the guy that Snookie knew approaches Grant directly.
He is to get cable at different addresses then order bogus cellphones, credit cards, etc.
 All Grant has to do is pick up the packages and keep using the credit cards.
Truly doesn't understand everything that's going on.
He just knows that he has somehow made connections at all of the right places.
Print store employees bend the rules for him and he has some convincing-looking Dali and Picasso reproductions.
He's bootlegged more artists for the hangings in his bedroom.
He sees Snookie plying her trade often, soon it makes sense for him to quit his CSR job and use the bogus credit cards full time.
Grant is making about $7,500 a week.
Mall staff is starting to recognize him.
Time to expand his territory.
Cumming, Dahlonega, Gainesville, Birmingham.
His 2019 Escalade is racking up the miles.
Snookie is feeling the heat.
She's had one too many close calls in Atlanta.
Lennox, Phipps, Northlake, even Cumberland Mall have her picture hanging in the security office.
She contacts her client and friend Grant.
They are a force of nature.
Malls and shopping plazas within 8 hours of Atlanta in every direction are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Snookie moves into the building across the street and gives Grant an idea.
Soon he has three other empty apartments and crooked doormen and concierges all over.
That's when something important happened.
At that point, Grant went from a dupe, just a cog, a stooge, to an active participant.
He became part of the criminal management team.
Grant has recruited more team members more with more addresses even more doormen at more buildings are getting a cut because of providing empty unit addresses, and handing off the cable boxes, cellphones, and credit cards.

Life got much better.
Grant starts washing his money out of necessity.
He feels himself becoming the man he always wanted to be.
The man with the name of two of the dead presidents is a somebody of his own right and his on making.
He begins dating women befitting someone of "his stature."
Remembers his  grandfather saying "Boy if ya wanna bass, ya caint fish in the catfish pool."
Goes to the proper pool.
The pool is deep in Atlanta.
She not only had to have a certain look for Mr. Washington, but her head also had to be right in more ways than one.
Shops around takes his time.
Thinks of another one of his Papa's sayings "Don't nothin hairy but a fool, take ya time."
He does.
The procession of women could be related.
All of them between 5"8-5"11'
 Latinas, Indian, African, African-American, his cosmetic dentistry has been on display beside them all.
Thinks he's gotten the winner.
The woman on his sleeve makes Instagram models weep in envy.
She's the only one that has been able to stick past a single night or two.
She understands what he does.
Appears to respect his hustle and her head game was on point.
A keeper.
The whole crew is together for the first time, the kitchen, barbacks, and waitresses are being tipped well, the liquor is flowing and the fraudulent charges are being made
The beefy security guard at the front of the VIP has also been heavily tipped to keep out the riff-raff.  The barbacks included.
Grant laughs at the thought.
He has come a very long way from the Alabama boy working as a Barback in this very place.
He's an important man.
The kind that can pay for anything he wants from a private chef in his penthouse apartment to his Dodge Hellcat and Chevy Exorcist.
Restaurants move people for him, jewelers have his cellphone number, he hob-knobs with celebrities.
He is a real VIP and he has told "Tiny" the giant at the door to make sure that everyone knows it.
 That's why the sudden appearance of several men was initially surprising, the next stunner was the badges, from several different law enforcement agencies, the third and he thinks the most painful shock is Oliva, his first long-term girlfriend flashing a gun and badge.

When he receives his discovery packet and finds out that Belinda "Snookie" Charles is testifying against him Grant remembers something else his pappa told him. "Don't trust nobody, and don't let that city eat you up."


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Gunfighter Like Me: A Calvary Freeman story.

Cheese Ace Ben wurn'n me ta tell em a stiry wat Anit Ben tolt jet n wat Anit gone Run da book e God plant.
So I cided ta tell a stiry bow'd s gal I were spark'n.
No at ant n da book.
Enyha eyes bow'd Theddy-aid uh Theddy-nine hi reckon. 
Tolt ya Ont riteouslee kno zackly wen eyes bone. 
Hane me at bol ah likka n at herb ovair.
Na sit da fucc down n  lissen.
Ont inarupme ginn heah?

Nah I as damn nigh  finnish't s story n Cheese Ace lost tit.
Ont lack tell'n da same stiry twicet sa I reckon

eyes gone go a diffent reckshun dis time.

Anit drank'n da day.

Jes smokin on s Herb. Ben tote'n Sam pipe fah yeahs.

 Enyha Hit were a spell foe I went ta Ohiyuh n fount Joy. 
At’s da story I tolt Cheese clumsy Ace lass nite tha one e loss.
I’d Ben wanton Mia Elk nod cuza taze gud uh nun, cuz zay Jes alride, anit nuthin spell shull bow’d em.

Eyes rully Jes wanin ta get hold ta sump’n at big n powerful.

Now at I study onit reckon at’s why sa mini fellas calt me oud ova da yeahs. 
Cause eyes da big bade. Jes lack y I wandid ta kill mia elk.

Hit wera heapum tew.

Oddest one were colored.

Maine e were faincy.

Dress tup Inna suit n top had alla time.

Purdest gun rig Eva seent.

Pose hits roun hair sumair.

 Hane made triple sticheded leather.
Cows make fine Sal’s n Holstas bud Dem suma da stupidest thangs onna lane swure day is.

 My fault I gits stracted easy.

 Where eyes ad? Colored gunslanga? Oh yeah na sit Cho behemoth Ace down.

I lack you boy.

Use thodfull.

Thank ya.

Lacka gud meal.

So dis colored gunslanga anit challenge me ad furs.

Nah e sat round town shada'n me.

If’n eyes ad da smiffs hair is Ace cum. 
All A’s tog propa.

 “Good Morning Mr. Freeman sir top of the morning to you.”
E'd tip at o had a his wit one hane.

Woe s fucc’n monocle n is eye.

Thank I mide da Ben jelass uh is genulmaness. 
E were classee.
Eyes Jes a self Ray’s nigga.

Anit hayuh no typa finement. 
  Wera heapa killas stir'n round Mexica bike n. 
Errday sum po sonawhore were dragged oud uh da screet.
Moe’s daze I late tup Inna Whorehouse bow’dda ho day.

I were alret tied uh kill'n.
Weren’t skirt ta nuthin lack at Jes was stack'n up bodies n hit were weigh'n on my soul.
Da Bess fucc’n way ta void hit were ta void da screet.
N twixt this faincy dresst colored fella houndin me n da fack at soona I hid da screet sumun liable ta call me oud
I lieved stayin in at whorehouse were my Bess bet.

Pose I final god tied uh em meals inat whorehouse.

Wanned sumthin udda n at teat.

I strolt ova tada boadin house.

Day had gud brekfass ovair.

Taters n eggs, bacon, ham, n all at.

Were studin on git’n mia biskit.

Wen a sudden s widet boy Calt oud.

Thawed e were call’n me oud.
All e said were;
 “Draw Nigger!” 
I spunt.
Hanes on my Colts

Seent at faincy colored fella toss bike tha taila is code.
E Pult one uh m pissles n Po’d lead inta at wide’t fella.

Ole faincy pants fass n fuck.

Bassard ad lid dup a cigarillo bida time at fella were dun dyin.

N e wanked ad me.
 Anit lack at.
Felled lack e were playing wid me lack eyes a chile.

Adda at, dem whores kunt hol my tention.
Kept tone thankin bow’d Missa faincy n at nicet pissle wurk e puden onat wide’t boy.

Wanda if’n e’s air ta kill me. 
If’n e anit, wanda y n de hell seem lack e stalkin me.

Nex day I spunt da ho day n da saloon. 
Figga’d if’n sumun wan me anit hard ta fine.
Seent at colored gunslanga spatch fo mo fellas wat calt tim oud.

Ad furs eyes glade.
Mo em fellas wat e kilt mean da less um eyes gone hada kill.

Affa bow’d a week kin bow’d 10 kills layduh Eyes ret t moveon n led dis faincy negro ha all kill’n e cud stain. 
Went tada stable hane n tolt tim Sal my horse n giddem ret ta ride.
Hits heapa towns n Mexica n I’d bow’d runt thru alla whores n at un enyha.

Aid mia lil sump’n n were walkin ova tada stable.

Faincy Pants N my way. 
I tip my had ta em. 
E tuck’t tis suit code hine m n says. 
“Calvary Freeman, My name is Charles Hallsworth. I aim to be the fastest colored gunslinger in the west. I can’t say that unless I kill you sir.“

“Ya kin say watsoneva n tha fuck ya wan say dair Charlie. Use plentay fass. Ya anit goda die daday jes fah a tidal.”

Ole Jake were snort’n n ret ta e’dup sum groun. 
E were jesa paw’n ad da dirt.

“I am faster than you Freeman, and I aim to show everybody that I am the superior shootist.”

Sun were beadin down on nus.
Folks gathin roun tryna git a beda look widout git’n ina line a far. 
 Eyes tryna keep s fella from dyin ad da bidness n uh my Colts.

I kno’d E were fass n mide ah bent fassa n me. 
Bud I’d dun seent tim draw.
U howda bead dem.

We’s eye’n one nudda down da screet.

Everthiin slowed down da way ha hit dew wensoneva eyes ina gun fide.

“Lass chaince Charlie. Ya god pebile ya wan me ta send ya maines ta?”

“Just me Mr. Freeman.  What do you want me to do with your body?”

Figga’d if’n e kilt me day cud dew watsoneva day wan wit my body bud I tolt tim ta drop me n da ocean.

Wenta draw n Jake bucked.
Reckon hit stracted ole Charlie n slow’t tim uppa taze. 
I skin’t at Colt Navy on my rite side n Pump’t 4 slugs in em.

Made sho ta hid em n is Hardt. 
Anit wan ta see em suffa. 
Is mouf open’t tup n e look lack e were gone say sump’n L’s.

E anit O.
Jes died. 
I stuck roun n buried dem. 
Figga e zerved at much spect. 
E wera bade maine wit dem peace makas.

Moe’s times wen I kill sumun I take day pissles n use um.

Fah sum resun anit thank I oughta dewat dis time.
Dun kept Dem purty motherfuckers eva sins.

Bought dat fella a hed stone n errythin.
Hit say’s Charles Hallsworth. He was fast.

Oh shit eyes gone tellya bow’d da time eyes huntin me a Elk.  

O well.

If’n ya cum roun tamarra reckon ull run hit down taya.

Phydeaux Kaknine: First Command.

Phydeaux is assuming his first command. Completed inter-species officer training at the top of the class. The ape Chi Chi Gabbon was ...